Wit and Wisdom of a Motivational Speaker, Garrison Wynn

“Knowledge is not power; Implementation is power”

With this belief in mind, Garrison Wynn, one of today’s motivational speakers, really shows how he implements all his experiences from his previous jobs and productive life. The best thing is he is always ready to motivate others to change for the better, be excellent at work and other things we do and most importantly, he reveals the secret to be constantly chosen –plus he is fun!

Starting from being a salesperson and marketer in Fortune 500 Company, he developed his talent to communicate with different people and learned strategies on how his products and services could be chosen. With his dedication, skill and charm, he got promoted as Department Head at 27 in the corporate headquarters.  Being really consistent in improving himself and his work strategy, he researched about the business processes of 38 different companies.  Up till now, he is invited by highest-paid corporate leaders and sales people to inspire employees and even bosses of big time institutions – especially financial firms and multi—billion dollar heavy equipment manufacturers.

No wonder, he is experienced at delivering his message with sincerity, facts and fun. He is known on his unique strategy of combining wit and wisdom. Not only is he good at explaining his ideas but also ensuring that his audience understands what he says in a very simple way.

Motivational Speaker

His fun factor, even in comparison to that of other motivational speakers, is a bonus –

In this way people can laugh while actually learn from his speech. In fact, his approach is so effective that spectators think time is so short yet they were able to get a lot of information without moaning about how long the speech is, without counting the minutes left before the end of the session and without making themselves busy with mobile games or imagining themselves outside the hall. His style is just out of the stereotypical notion of “a lecture” and “a speaker.”

As a matter of fact, the audience pays a lot of attention on his message since every line or sentence is life-changing or something that can be laugh at.

Garrison Wynn has polished his strategy of attracting his audience as he worked as a stand-up comedian before becoming acquainted to corporate matters and becoming inclined to inspirational talks. He might have not seen it as a lifetime career but for this day, his experience in this field serves one of his assets in public speaking.

Wynn’s humor becomes a bridge building the right amount of rapport to connect to his audience; not too scarce that would make listeners feel detached and bored, yet not too much that would make his speech self-centered. He creates a right perfect atmosphere which puts people in a very comfortable condition making them analyze freely and correctly what he says. He creates a perfect atmosphere for their laughter to echo in the halls of the theater and for their mind to contemplate at some point.

Motivational Speakers

He considers his audience as priority, to put it simply. After all, he is a motivational speaker;

He knows pretty well that he is not only paid to speak but he speaks because it is a chance to inspire other people, not to mention it is his passion.
A funny man, he is. However, it is not only his entertaining jokes that make people enjoy his speech. His relatable stories and genuine opinions are just undeniably funny, informative and practical rolled into one. It is a gift, indeed.

Most motivational speakers would quote from famous figures, eminent people and even dead ones. Not him. He discovered life himself as well as the ways to achieving goals at work, school, lifestyle, career and more. He need not quote anyone because he has his own realizations.

Some of his principles include the Secrets of the top 1% Successful People revealing the common attitude and stratagems of effective leaders, entrepreneurs, business men, and others. He explained how and why very few people stand out. Additionally, his most popular idea of success as “being consistently chosen” is really life-changing. In his perspective, being the best doesn’t only mean doing a good job but it means being selected constantly in whatever kind of task or job a person does.

After listening to his speech, people stand up releasing a sigh of contentment, wearing a smile of happiness, and most of all, carrying a mind filled with helpful tips and practical ways to improve oneself for them to be consistently chosen to be the best…soon – that outcome makes Garrison Wynn one of the best motivational speakers today.


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